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Drug Testing

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What PEME Cannot Detect


1. Cancer

2. GIT

a. Ulcers

b. Colitis

c. Diverticulitis

d. Gallbladder stones

3. Neurology

a. Brain tumor

b. Aneurysms

c. AV-malformation

d. Epilepsy

e. Migraines

4. Dermatology

a. Contact dermatitis

b. Allergies

c. Psoriasis in remission

5. Musculo-skeletal

a. Arthritis

b. Spinal problems

6. Chronic diseases

a. DM on meds

b. HPN on meds

7. Pulmonary

a. Asthma not in exacerbation

b. Extra-pulmonary TB

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Test Tips For Multiple-Choice Psychology Exams

How to Take a Multiple-Choice Psychology Exam

By , Guide

While multiple-choice exams may seem challenging, you can prepare yourself by understanding the structure of a multiple-choice test and how to approach these types of exams. Remember, the correct answer is right there in front of you! By carefully analyzing each question and choices offered, you can increase your chances of performing well on each multiple-choice test you take.

The Structure of a Multiple-Choice Question

Each question consists of just three parts:

    1. The first part a multiple-choice problem is the basic section that asks a question, gives and incomplete sentence, or poses a problem that you are expected to solve.


    1. The next part of the question is a number of distracting alternatives. These are the incorrect answers that are designed to test your true knowledge of the subject. Some of these alternatives may seem correct, so it is important to know the topic well to avoid selecting an incorrect answer.


  1. The final part of a multiple-choice problem is the correct answer to the question or problem that is posed.


MANILA, Philippines — The government has allocated P15 million for the H1N1 project of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) enabling the country to get a bigger chance of being represented in the global vaccine development.

By putting a strong focus on H1N1 vaccine, through its work in sequencing of the virus, the government is putting the Philippines in the map of the H1N1 vaccine development of the World Health Organization (WHO). While there may no longer be developments that highlight risks in another H1N1 epidemic, having its own vaccine ensures ready supply for its people.

NIH Dr. Edsel Maurice Salvana, H1N1 program project leader, said the H1N1 program of NIH has already sequenced 52 samples of the H1N1 virus from only six sequenced samples.

Prior to the program, the six sequenced samples even came from Australia since the Philippines previously did not have DNA sequencing capability.

Part of the program is acquisition of equipment for the sequencing capability including PCR polymerase chain reaction.

“We have to generate our own data, or there’s nothing that WHO will take into consideration when they’re deciding on what strains to cover for vaccine development,” said Salvana in an interview at the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development anniversary celebration.

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H1N1 Vaccine Global Presence Eyed By MELODY M. AGUIBA March 19, 2012, 3:11am

“If the Philippines is not represented , our unique issues will not have a say in what will come out.”

The Philippines has already published information on all 52 samples with the Genbank, a global genetic sequence database.

This data present so much significance as the DNA sequencing will help determine if the Philippine population already has resistance to existing H1N1 drugs, particularly oseltamivir.

“If you’re caught with your pants down, and the only time you know there’s resistance to oseltamivir because a lot of people are failing therapy, then it may take some time before you can bring in another drug. What we’re doing is an early warning system,” Salvana said.

NIH is working with the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) on a collaborative DNA sequencing work. RITM has been sequencing viral cultures, while NIH has been sequencing from virus taken directly from infected patients.

Since culturing takes time of two to three weeks before sequencing may be done, the collaborative work will involve real time sequencing.

“We’re not doing real time samples yet. We’re doing archive samples. We’ll do real time samples when we collaborate with RITM hopefully beginning next month,” he said.

Since many H1N1 virus strains in the world have already developed resistance to drug adamantine, the need now is to ensure that the Philippine H1N1 strains are not yet resistant to oseltamavir.

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Schedule of Doctors at Biomedics Medical Clinic Inc.


Dr. Aguilar

  Kennedy T. Aguilar, MD             T/Th/S1-4 pm

  Internal Medicine


Dra. Aserios

  Mary Anne O. Aserios, MD           M-F   10-5 pm

  General Physician

 Dr. Balingit

  Joseph S. Balingit, MD                M/W/F2-5 pm

  Internal Medicine

 Dr. Celaje

  Joel C. Celaje IV, MD                 By appointment

  General Surgery

Dra. Duque 

  Shahani P. Duque, MD                 W/S  11-1 pm

  Obstetrics and Gynecolog 

Dr. Tiangco

  Joseph D. Tiangco, MD                Th     1-4 pm

  General Surgery

dra. viceral

  Maria Cristina B. Viceral, MD       T/Th  2-5 pm

  Ears, Nose, Throat – Head and Neck Surgery  




Dr. Vivas

  Ferdinand Vivas, DMD               M/T 10am - 5pm


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